Our online library, has been operating in Australia for the last 3 years. This virtual library was the natural progression for the many architectural, engineering and interior design firms that were ready to eliminate their hard copy product libraries. Most of the firm’s decision to eliminate the paper libraries stemmed from the costs/space associated with having a paper library and the lack of supply of current paper catalogues. Many manufacturers have now stopped production and distribution of the costly paper catalogues and replaced them with electronic storage media. This transition is what North America is now experiencing.

An increased number of Specifiers now rely on electronic information, provided by the manufacturers in a variety of ways. Information sharing in North America is now a combination of CD’s, USB drives and website links. Design professionals are typically accustomed to gathering information from their own in-house paper libraries. With the supply of electronic information, they are faced with establishing new methods of organization and sharing. There are limitations in managing this combination of CD’s, USB sticks and website links:

  • Which version is most current
  • How to store and make available for the entire project team to use
  • Threat of virus transmission
  • Ever-changing glitches in technology
  • Centralized database takes a dedicated staff member to organize and keep current
  • Supplier’s websites are designed to meet a variety of needs for a variety of visitors, including Specifiers, distributors, retailers and homeowners, which can be cumbersome 

caboodle brings the competing technologies together and marries them into a familiar catalogue or book style presentation all Specifiers have become accustomed to with hard copy catalogues. It is readily updatable and immediately available from your desktop or even on-site with a portable tablet. caboodle eCatalogues are user-friendly and indexed with a fully searchable table of contents with navigational tools. Also, with accompanying download features in familiar PDF format, optimized for relatively quick transmission and printability if required.

To access eCatalogues and other information, you simply register with your details and immediately start using caboodle. You must be a professional user, architect, interior designer, engineer, specification writer, general contractor or other specifer and register with a company email address. Please note that Gmail, Hotmail or other generic email addresses will not be accepted without prior approval by caboodle administration. Registering is simple, just click on the “Specifiers Register Now” link at the top of this page and you’re on your way.

Specifier Comments
“BIBLIOTECA has taken another huge step forward in library information technology to respond to the needs of the AEC industry”
Cam Munro
Innovative Construction Manager, Clark Builders, Edmonton
“Why wouldn’t we want to participate in this?”
Kimberly Springer
Walker Lawson Interior Design, Calgary
“This interactive web based library is the next logical step towards contract document development in a virtual studio environment. What can I do to assist in the implementation?”
Peter Semchuck
Senior Associate, IBI Group, Edmonton
"This is exactly what we need as we have already eliminated our physical library to accommodate staff."
Ray Bindon
Stantec Architecture, Edmonton
“When can we have access to this virtual library? We are ill equipped to deal with paper catalogues.”
Richard Laslo
Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors
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